Miami police body cam videos up for sale on the darkweb – Naked Security

Wednesday, 3 July, 2019 In General News, Other News, Top News

This can’t be a good day for Miami police.

We’ve known for a while that many webcams are a security train wreck, and that doesn’t change just because a police officer straps one on.

Now, unsurprisingly, police body cam footage has been found sloshing around online.

It’s not just that about a terabyte of videos from Miami Police Department body cams was leaked and stored in unprotected, internet-facing databases, according to the security outfit that found them. It’s that they were leaked and then sold, according to Jason Tate, CEO of Black Alchemy Solutions Group, who told The Register that his team had found the footage listed for sale on the darkweb.

Tate first tweeted about the discovery on Saturday, including a sample video, which has since been removed.

Tate said that the data is coming from five different cloud service providers. Besides Miami Police, there’s video leaking from city police departments “all over the US”, he said.

It seems these 5 providers have city contracts all over.