Full list of countries affected by the massive global cyberattack

    Wednesday, 28 June, 2017 In Hacker Zone, Other News, Top News

    Just over a month after the devastating WannaCry ransomware wreaked havoc worldwide, businesses and governments were hit with yet another…

    ‘Petya’ Ransomware Outbreak Goes Global

    Wednesday, 28 June, 2017 In Featured News, Top News

    A new strain of ransomware dubbed “Petya” is worming its way around the world with alarming speed. The malware is spreading…

    Bankers Are Hiring Cyber-Security Experts to Help Get Deals Done

    Monday, 26 June, 2017 In Featured News, Top News

    Executives and investors are hiring an unlikely crowd to help them do deals: computer geeks. Companies and investment funds are…

    Who hacked the UK parliament? Russian hackers suspected to be behind attempted theft of MPs’ records

    The British parliament’s networks suffered a breach that began on Friday (23 June) and lasted for 12 hours. Authorities investigating…

    Russian hackers trading stolen email addresses and passwords of 1,000 British MPs and top officials online

    Friday, 23 June, 2017 In Featured News, GDPR Strategies, Top News

    Hackers are reportedly trading the email addresses and passwords belonging to thousands of British politicians, ambassadors and other top officials…

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