Internet Security Basics: How to Protect Yourself Online

Thursday, 22 December, 2016 In

It’s the holidays, which means one thing if you’re in IT: dealing with eggnog related support tickets.

It’s hard to get excited about a small holiday light display that comes around once a year when you spend weeks at a time in a large frosty room, sporting thousands of machines with dozens of flashing leds each.

Well, Varonis has got you this year. We’ve developed a security course designed specifically for you to give to your family, friends and users that will help keep them safe online and, more importantly, stop them from asking you wildly uninformed questions.

Our Internet security basics course covers, well, internet security basics. What makes the best password? Why should I keep clicking ok on this software update? Why should I NOT click on this security warning? And maybe just don’t put a social security number into a mobile game.

Whether it’s your proud 96 year old “GramGram” whose computer keeps sending you obvious phishing requests like: “How come you don’t visit me? The cat misses you and the sidewalk needs to be shoveled.”

Or your Uncle who has been just a little too deep into Facebook news lately and keeps telling you that: “I make all my passwords ‘password’ because it’s so obvious that those hackers and whozits will never think of it. 

Our early holiday gift to you is not having to explain these concepts to your friends and family. We’ve had professional security expert Troy Hunt (creator of HaveIBeenPwned and all around nice guy) create a series of videos designed specifically to help them develop the skills and understanding they need to stay safe online.

The course covers how to keep your passwords safe, end user issues like VPN and SSL use, and how to consider new things like IoT devices.

Help keep the people you know safe online by sending them here.