Best Practices Guide To Strong Identity Access Management – Prevent and Contain Breaches — Without Impacting Users

Thursday, 21 March, 2019 In

Across every industry, cyber criminals are attacking businesses large and small. As technologies evolve, so dothe possibilities for finding new ways to infiltrate organizational defenses and steal data. These breaches aremore than a brand embarrassment; they can drive customers into withdrawing their business and launching civillawsuits, result in regulatory fines, and leave staff with a massive cleanup effort for months to come.

One of the most common and effective criminal methods targets stolen credentials. From cracking passwordsto malware that captures keystrokes from an infected device, to buying them on the dark web, obtainingcredentials is in every criminal toolbox, from lone wolf hackers to government funded overseas groups. It’sno mystery why. One set of valid credentials can open the door to personal data like Social Security numbers,birthdates, and payment card numbers, help infiltrate other accounts or give malicious actors free reign toexplore a company database with an insider’s privilege.

The full white paper is below.

White Paper - Best Practices Guide for Strong Identity Access Control