Hacked Sony Music, Bob Dylan falsely tweet that Britney Spears died

Tuesday, 27 December, 2016 In General News, Hacker Zone

Twitter accounts from Sony Music Entertainment and Bob Dylan were apparently hacked Monday, tweeting out false news that pop singer Britney Spears had died, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The tweets, which have since been deleted but were captured in screenshots, referenced OurMine, the group behind several high-profile hacks this year, including on Netflix’s Twitter account, Business Insider and Buzzfeed, among others.

OurMine’s high-profile hackings have ostensibly been carried out as a way to promote its own security consultancy.

Shortly after 8 a.m., Sony’s official Sony Music Global account sent out tweets saying the pop star had died.

“RIP @britneyspears,” read the first tweet, which also had a frown-face emoji and the hashtag #RIPBritney. “1981-2016.”

A second tweet said, “Britney spears is dead by accident! we will tell you more soon.” It was also followed by the same emoji and hashtag.

About 30 minutes later, more tweets were sent out with OurMine apparently taking credit.

“we saw a new IP logged in to the account a few minutes ago and the tweet is posted by a new IP so @britneyspears is still alive #OurMine,” one of the tweets read.

Singer Dylan’s account was also apparently hacked by OurMine, with the accounting also tweeting out the false news about Spears and references to OurMine.

“Rest in peace @britneyspears,” one of the tweets read, including the same frowning emoji as in the Sony tweet.

A tweet from Dylan’s account about 45 minutes later appeared to be OurMine taking credit.

“OurMine checked Britney Spears twitter account if it’s hacked or not and they detected that it’s hacked. @britneyspears is still alive!!” the tweet read.

The tweets came the day after the death of British singer George Michael, 53.

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