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Aalborg products are carefully conceived using 40 years of research by teams of engineers, industrial designers, ergonomists and surgeons. Our principle interest has been the development of desks and chairs better suited to  postural requirements.  Many of us suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain. Over 60% of absenteeism of the adult working population is the consequence of back pain, the majority is of office workers.   

Of increasing concern is the huge increase of small children complaining of back pain, the result of inactivity and sitting on badly designed school furniture. For many years postural experts especially in Scandinavia have understood the importance of sitting much higher and with height adjustable desks to complement the chairs they sit on. Sit/stand furniture is the norm in Scandinavia and slowly others are beginning to understand the importance of this. 

We specialise in providing equipment designed to improve posture.

This work has led to the creation of products which not only benefit the people using them, but also the establishments by whom they are employed.

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Siddal House, Forest Edge

Forest Road, Loughborough

Leicestershire, LE11 3HQ




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