Getting Your Records GDPR-Ready

Thursday, 11 August, 2016

A lot can happen in two years. By 2018 we are expected to have witnessed the first human head transplant,…


Printers at 12 Colleges Spew Hate Fliers in Suspected Hack

Tuesday, 26 July, 2016

  Just days before Easter, anti-Semitism reared its ugly head again — this time in filth-filled fliers that suddenly showed…


Creating a Financial Institution CSIRT

Wednesday, 3 February, 2016

It is a simple fact that the number of computer and software vulnerabilities is growing and the sophistication of attacks…

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GDPR & cyber security – New European legal regime for data breach, privacy and data security

Friday, 30 September, 2016

Watch the video from leading tech lawyer Jonathan Armstrong who discusses the new regime which will have a real impact…


Talking the Talk: Cybersecurity Metrics for the C-Suite

Monday, 1 August, 2016

Getting the right feedback and funding for enterprise cybersecurity means dropping the jargon and connecting cyber risk to business costs….


GDPR could create $320 billion in fines

Thursday, 14 July, 2016

  Unsurprisingly, many consumer products organisations are taking risks with the security and privacy of their customer data. They are…

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Complying With GDPR: What all Organisations Need to Know

Tuesday, 13 June, 2017

  Data protection laws are more important than ever before as individuals are becoming more and more sensitive about privacy, data…


Budgeting for the Critical Security Controls

Wednesday, 3 February, 2016

In 2008, the National Security Agency (NSA) initiated an effort to prioritize the controls within the multiple frameworks to identify…

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Latest News

Four lessons NHS Trusts can learn from the Royal Free case

Monday, 3 July, 2017

  By Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner. Today my office has announced that the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust did…

Royal Free – Google DeepMind trial failed to comply with data protection law

Monday, 3 July, 2017

  The ICO has ruled the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust failed to comply with the Data Protection Act when…

Would you give away your friend’s online privacy for a free pizza? You’re not alone

Wednesday, 14 June, 2017

The majority of students are willing to sacrifice their friends’ private email addresses in exchange for free pizza, according to…

HipChat hacked, users’ account information, private messages and content possibly compromised

Tuesday, 25 April, 2017

Atlassian’s group chat service for businesses and teams HipChat has reset all of its users’ passwords after detecting a “security…

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How does GDPR impact UK Enterprise?

Thursday, 16 February, 2017

  By Nima Baiati Senior Director of Product Management, Absolute In May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will…

What went wrong at Tesco Bank?

Thursday, 10 November, 2016

Tesco Bank has enlisted the help of recently established National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) following the most serious cyber-attack ever…

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